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Buy ATEX LED Lights, accessories and equipment at the best price. ATEX luminaires are specially designed for use in explosive atmospheres. Valid for environments with GASES or volatile DUST, ATEX luminaires are mainly used in chemical industry, water treatment, gas supply, paint shops, metal carpentry, agricultural facilities etc., where the mixture of volatile materials could pose a danger of ignition or explosion when exposed to electrical sources that are not certified.

We have ATEX projectors/bells, watertight screens for explosive atmospheres, as well as switches, shunts, connectors and accessories suitable for installation in hazardous areas.

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ATEX LED Lights and accessories

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  • What is an ATEX luminaire?

    ATEX luminaires are lighting devices specially designed for use in atmospheres with a high risk of deflagration. These luminaires are equipped with safety measures that drastically reduce the risk of an electrical connection causing an explosion in environments with potentially flammable gases or dust particles in suspension.