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Masterlux allows you to easily calculate the number of luminaires you need to properly illuminate any room. Select the type of light you want, the type of room on which you want to perform the calculation, and its dimensions, and you will obtain the approximate number of selected luminaires that would be necessary for optimal lighting.

The program is suitable for calculating indoor lighting taking into account the following criteria:

User entered data
  • Luminous flux of the selected product
  • Type of room (Assigns a unit of lumens per square meter based on the use of the room)
  • Room dimensions
Assumed data
  • Ceiling and wall color: White or similar assumed
  • Total height (Floor to ceiling) < 3m. assumed

Installing additional light sources in needed zones is recommended. Under cabinets in kitchen, above bathroom mirror, reading zones, etc...

1) Select light category

Selected product:

2) Room information

Select the information relevant to the room to be lit

You must fill in all the fields to proceed You must enter only number, integer, or decimal using a period (.) as a separator (i.e. 3.50)