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Save further

Optimizing energy consumption and using more efficient electrical equipment is a vital point to help reduce your electricity bill. Thanks to LED lighting, it is possible reducing up to 80% of power consumption without having to reduce light amount or quatlity. While a conventional incandescent light bilb energy perfromance lies around a 10% (Only one tenth of the total energy consumed is used to generate light), LED diodes use up to 90%

Gasto medio anual de las bombillas :

Gasto medio anual de las bombillas

Duration and reliability

LED lights have no filament or mechanical parts bound to breaking or blown bulb failure. There's not a point where they stop working, but its degradation occurs throughout their lifepsan. LED can enjoy a 52,000 hours lifespan. Aproximately at the 6 years mark (24h/day, 365days/year) they start losing intensity below 70%.

High light efficiency, low temperature

A LED lamp is powered by a low current, using really low power, and therefore generating very low heat, saving in air conditioned areas. They also adapt to most power sources and reduce shock risk.

Bright light, no defects

LED light is more bright and sharp than halogen and fluorescent. Besides, they turn on inmediatlyLa luz Led, es mucho más brillante y nítida (fractions of a second) and has no defects, flickering or intensity variations.

Reduced size

Thanks to its size, LED can be embedded into objects. With LED we can make objects emit their own lights or project images.


LED devices do not contain mercury, they save a great amount of power, do not produce Infrarred radiation or light pollution. Besides, 99% of their components are recyclable, and they're the ideal partner of solar energy.

Endless possibilities

LED lamps can be modified in every way imaginable, be it color (without a filter) intensity or color temperature, to create the perfect ambience with the push of a remote button. Visual impact for indoor and outdoor use, home or commerce.

LED lighting solutions always adapt to your personal needs. It doesn't matter the size of your project, we can help you during planning, development and use, and share with you our knowledge in innovative Light technology.

Comparation summary *

Incandescent Light bulb Power saving Light bulb Led Light bulb
Power 60W 15W 7W
Lifespan (years) 1 10 30
Average price per bulb 0,75€ >3€ 1,07€
Annual cost per replacement 0,75€ >0,30€ ~0,03€
Annual energy consumption (kwh) 59.13 14.78 6.90
Annual energy cost (€) 7,10€ 1,77€ 0,82€
Total annual cost (€) 7,85€ ~2,07€ 0,85€
CO2 emissions/year 38.33Kg 10Kg <4.5Kg

Annual savings (€)

5,78€ 7€

Annual CO2 reduction

28.33Kg 33.83Kg

*Based on 1000hr of annual use and energy cost of 0,12€/kwh