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Downlights fixos e ajustáveis desde 1,34 €
Placas de superfície LED desde 2,97 €
Painéis extra-planos e placas de LED desde 1,98 €
Lâmpadas desde 0,89 €
Tubos e integrados desde 2,30 €
Tiras LED e acessórios desde 0,68 €
Industrial LED desde 7,20 €
Focos de Pista desde 4,47 €
Projectores LED desde 4,83 €
SOLAR LED desde 3,31 €
Iluminação comercial desde 3,31 €
Decoração Interior desde 5,49 €
Decoração Exterior desde 3,31 €
Sinalização e emergências desde 2,68 €
Material eléctrico desde 0,20 €
Condutas metálicas desde 0,14 €
Luzes de piscina desde 8,70 €
Acessórios desde 0,09 €
Drivers e transformadores desde 2,20 €
Wallwashers desde 6,17 €

MasterLed: LED Lighting specialist for industry and home uses

You'll find the best LED Lighting on our online store, where we'll offer you the best quality and spanish warranty at the best possible price. Learn more...

LED Lightbulbs, a batter option for energy and money saving

Whatever the LED lightbulb you might need, you'll find it here: GU10 LED Lamps, E14 socket, E27... Changing every lightbulb in your home from incandescent/halogen to LED lighting, you will improve your savings, since older light bulbs, which needed around 60W to light up your room, will now only use 7-Watt of power offering you the same amount of light.

You'll save up to 200€ in your year electricity bill using this kind of bulbs

Not just light bulbs, you will be able to switch all your lighting to LED

The vanguard of lighting technology makes it possible so we can offer you all kind of fixtures: recessed installation led downlights, panels, ceiling surface lights, fluorescent equivalent LED tubes, outdoors and indoors use, and much, much more. Let us repeat ourseleves: all the lighting you might need.

Home, office, industry... all kinds of uses

Specially recommended for commerce, shops, supermarkets, and also for the industry, where lighting conditions take the spotlight. Lighting is one of the key influential factors in purchase decision from the very entrance of a store, to the payment zone.

Ultimately, in production , resting and showroom zones, lighting will directly affect productivity, customer visits meetings environment and much more.

Have you switched to LED yet?